Biography of Prof. Bahman Kalantari

Department of Computer Science,
Rutgers University

Title of Talk: Polynomiography as Voronoi Art

Polynomiography is the fine art and science of algorithmic visualization in solving a polynomial equation through iteration functions. Voronoi diagrams and their computations arise in  many applications and they have also given rise to a source of algorithmic computer art.  Polynomiography techniques in particular give rise to infinitely many algorithms for the visualization of approximate Voronoi diagrams of points in the Euclidean plane – given explicitly via their coordinates, or implicitly via a polynomial equation.  Additionally, polynomiography offers many fractal images in its approximation of Voronoi diagrams inherent in iteration functions. Polynomiography thus gives rise to a very rich yet unique source of Voronoi art. This talk presents some such polynomiography artwork. 






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